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BASS Suction Mat

BASS® Suction Mat

Designed for use in high volume fluid cases, the BASS® Suction Mat by Typenex® Medical helps keep surgical fluid from hitting the OR floor. At 18 ft2, it covers an area big enough for three people to stand on it at once. The continuous suction capability helps effectively capture and remove fluid, keeping your operating room floor safe and dry.

Features & Benefits

  • Covers More Area – The large size covers an extensive area to capture and contain fluid, and up to 3 people can stand on the mat at once.
  • Anti-Splash Layer – Readily catches and allows fluid to travel down to suction, maintaining a dry top surface.
  • Comfortable – A poly-fiber top layer helps reduce discomfort when standing during all procedures.
  • Compatibility – The BASS Suction Mat is compatible with both standard wall suction and mobile suction systems.
  • All-in-One Approach – The size, fluid capture and suction capability of the BASS Suction Mat helps reduce the need for extra linens, mats and other suction devices.
  • Easy Cleanup – Simply fold up mat after use and allow for residual fluid to be vacuumed into the suction source; the result is a lightweight mat for disposal.

Product Code

BASS Suction Mat
Order Number Description Color Size Mats/Case
FM0201 BASS Suction Mat White 43"x60" 3