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Disposable Surgical Comfort Mats

Disposable Surgical Comfort Mats

Prolonged standing in the operating room can be taxing on the body. According to the Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN), ergonomic intervention is required if a perioperative care provider is required to stand in the same position for two or more hours, for more than 30% of the workday or while wearing a lead apron.* Typenex® Medical** offers your operating room nurses, surgeons and technicians ergonomic support with our line of Disposable Surgical Comfort Mats. Our mats are designed to absorb impact and deliver lasting support during long procedures.

Features & Benefits

  • Anti-Fatigue Material – Gel material absorbs the impact and stress of standing while providing proper ergonomic support to feet, legs and back
  • Slip-Resistant – Polyurethane top surface provides necessary friction level for damp surgical booties and the bottom is slip-resistant
  • Sanitary – Antibacterial, antimicrobial mat is fluid-, stain-, and dirt-resistant
  • Non-Toxic – Not made with natural rubber latex or phthalates
  • Disposable – Single-use mat helps to reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • Economic – Helps to reduce cleaning and restocking costs, in addition to saving time with faster room turnover

Ideal for use in the following procedures: Spine Surgery; Total Joint Replacement; Trauma Surgery; Transplant Surgery; Neurosurgery & Craniotomy; Urologic Procedures; Cardiothoracic Surgery; Bariatric Surgery; Plastic Surgery

Product Code

Order Number Description Color Size Units/Case
AFM1061713174 Disposable Surgical Comfort Stool Mat Blue 13"x17" 10
AFM1081718304 Disposable Surgical Comfort Mat Blue 18"x30" 5
*AORN Ergonomic Tool 4: Solutions for Prolonged Standing in Perioperative Settings **Disposable Surgical Comfort Mats are manufactured by GelPro Medical and distributed by Typenex Medical