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Suction Manifolds

Suction Manifolds

A closed system offers a less hazardous and more efficient method of disposing fluid waste generated in the OR. 1 Typenex® Medical offers suction manifolds that are compatible with Stryker® Gen I and II as well as Zimmer Dornoch units, respectively. The manifolds provide an interface between mobile suction units and the operating room.

5x Manifold | 4-Port and 1-Port

Compatible with Stryker® Gen II


  • Anti-Reflux: A 45-degree angle uses the power of gravity to reduce any backflow of fluid.
  • 2.5x Basket Size: The basket size is 2.5 times larger than the competition, allowing for more debris to be captured and minimizing clogging.
  • 2x Length: The overall length is double that of the competition, allowing for better leverage when inserting and removing the manifold.

5x Manifold | 3-Port

Compatible with Zimmer Dornoch


  • Wetness Indicator: Once exposed to fluid, the indicator will turn pink to show the manifold has completed its job.

Gen I Rover Alternative Manifold | 4-Port

Compatible with Stryker® Gen I


  • Patented Filter: 5x Surgical’s patented filter features a unique assortment of pegs designed to trap particulates and reduce the risk of clogging.

Manifolds distributed by Typenex® Medical, manufactured by 5x Surgical Stryker® is registered trademarks of Stryker Corp. Zimmer references Zimmer, Inc. Dornoch is a product of Zimmer, Inc.
1 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27509767

Product Code

Suction Manifolds
Order Number Description Compatible Machine Color Units/Case
PDNPN24 5X Manifold | 4 Port Stryker® Gen II Clear/Blue 20
PDNPN21 5X Manifold | 1 Port Stryker® Gen II Clear/Blue 20
PDNPDM3 5X Manifold | 3-Port Zimmer Dornoch Blue 24
PDN70017A Gen I Rover Alternative Manifold | 4 Port Stryker® Gen I Clear/Blue 10