Eye Safety Tape

Features and Benefits

  • Safe DesignReduces the risk of corneal abrasions* and helps to protect patients' eyes from drying during long procedures.
  • Comfortable FitContoured design fits the eye's anatomy, and the medical grade material helps avoid skin irritation.
  • Efficient RemovalRed nonstick handle makes application and removal fast and easy with gloved hands. Unlike tape, removal does not damage the skin, eyebrows, or eyelashes.
  • Convenient AccessDispenser can be placed on anesthesia cart or mounted on wall.
*Batra, Y.K. and I.M. Bali. "Corneal abrasions during general anesthesia." Anesthesia and Analgesia, no. 56.3 (1977): 363-5; White, E. and M.M. Crosse. "The aetiology and prevention of peri-operative corneal abrasions." Anaesthesia, no. 53.2 (1998): 157-161. Eye Safety Tape is manufactured by Pergo Medikal and distributed by Typenex® Medical.
Part NumberDescriptionColorUnits per Case
PER05TD0012Eye Safety Tape | AdultClear/Red50 pairs
PER05TD0020Eye Safety Tape | PediatricClear/Red50 pairs
PER05TD1196Eye Safety Tape DispenserClear1