EmesEase® Emesis Bag

Features and Benefits

  • Wide Plastic OpeningProvides ample space for the capture of emesis.
  • Notch ClosuresTwist bag and notch into the plastic rim to help reduce lingering odor and aid in clean disposal.
  • Measuring GraduationsEasily identify how much emesis was expelled with each use.
  • Biodegradable OptionOur emesis bags are also available as a biodegradable option.
  • Non-Toxic MaterialNot made with natural rubber latex.
Part NumberDescriptionColorBags/Case
EB0101PEmesEase® Emesis BagsPurple144
EB0101EBiodegradable EmesEase® Emesis BagsGreen144
EB0201EmesEase® DispensersClear1
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