Trach-Tie® Tracheostomy Tube Neckband

Features and Benefits

  • Soft, stable neckband/collar designed to help secure tracheostomy tubes and keep them in place during short or long-term ventilation.
  • Made with high-quality, moisture-wicking foam padding for enhanced patient comfort. Latex-free.
  • Durable materials and Velcro hook tabs provide long-lasting wear and security.
  • Two-piece adjustable designs allow for convenient configuration of size and length.
Trach-Tie® is manufactured by Pepper Medical and distributed by Typenex® Medical.
Part NumberDescriptionPiece(s)SizeUnits/Case
PEP540Trach-Tie | Tracheostomy Tube Neckband2Adult10
PEP541Trach-Tie | Tracheostomy Tube Neckband2Pediatric10
PEP542Trach-Tie | Tracheostomy Tube Neckband2Neonatal10
PEP597LTrach-Tie | Tracheostomy Tube Neckband1Large10
PEP597MTrach-Tie | Tracheostomy Tube Neckband1Medium10
PEP597STrach-Tie | Tracheostomy Tube Neckband1Small10