Fluid Fighter® Suction Canisters and Liners

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive portfolio of reusable suction canisters, disposable liners, extensions, wall mounts, a trolley, and solidifier for fluid waste retention and disposal in clinical settings.
  • Adapters and custom solutions offer seamless integration and system compatibility with Cardinal Health and Medline.¹
  • Suction liners seat themselves in about 8 seconds, 50% faster than competing brands.
  • Small product footprint and compact packaging help conserve valuable storage space and reduce medical waste.
  • Reusable, autoclavable canisters feature an integrated one-piece design for shatter-resistance; backed by a 20-year guarantee.
  • Soft, flexible disposable liners stretch up to 270% of initial dimension while withstanding the toughest of transportation conditions.²
  • Solidifier is compatible with 1000cc, 1500cc, 2000cc, and 3000cc Fluid Fighter Suction Liners.
¹Compatibility verified on Cardinal Health roll stands and part number 65652-145. Cardinal Health™ is a registered trademark of Cardinal Health Technologies, LLC.
¹Compatibility verified on Medline part numbers DYNDSCLW, DYNDSCC, and ORBASE. Medline™ is a registered trademark of Medline Industries, LP.
²Typenex® Medical's Fluid Fighter® Suction Liners are drop tested according to ASTM D5276-98.
Part NumberDescriptionSizeQuantity
SC0101Fluid Fighter Suction Liner1000 cc100/Case
SC0102Fluid Fighter Suction Liner1500 cc100/Case
SC0103Fluid Fighter Suction Liner2000 cc100/Case
SC0104Fluid Fighter Suction Liner3000 cc70/Case
SC0201Fluid Fighter Suction Canister1000 cc15/Case
SC0202Fluid Fighter Suction Canister1500 cc15/Case
SC0203Fluid Fighter Suction Canister2000 cc12/Case
SC0204Fluid Fighter Suction Canister3000 cc9/Case
SC0405CVLFluid Fighter Suction Liner | Vacuum Control, L-Valve50/Bag
SC0405CVTFluid Fighter Suction Liner | Vacuum Control, T-Valve50/Bag
SC0405XVTCFluid Fighter Suction Liner | Vacuum, T-Connector50/Bag
SC0405ETFluid Fighter Suction Liner | Extension Tube (Female Connector)6 mm x 5.9 ft1/Each
SC0405LTFluid Fighter Suction System | Trolley1/Case
SC0405RHFluid Fighter Suction System | Rail Hanger1/Each
SC0405SCTFluid Fighter Suction System | Serial Connection Tube100/Case
SC0405STFluid Fighter Suction System | Silicone Tube100 m (6 mm I.D.)1/Case
SC0405WHFluid Fighter Suction System | Wall Hanger Set1/Each
SC0405WHAFluid Fighter Suction System | Wall Hanger Adapter1/Each
PER05TD1618Solidifying Agent, Dissolvable Pouch150/Bag