Features and Benefits

  • Clear DesignVisibulb allows the user to see the contents suctioned from ear, oral, and nasal passageways.
  • CleanThe clear design of Visibulb provides a visual cue of cleanliness before and after use.
  • EffectiveVisibulb allows the removal of fluids with a simple squeeze with the added benefit of clarity. The clear design aids in precise suction.
  • Ease of UseInsert the tip of the syringe into the desired orifice of an infant or child, and clear any mucus or debris.
  • Additional Key Features:
    • It is suitable for infants and children.
    • It may be used for infants and children.
    • The flat bottom allows the syringe to stand up without tipping.
    • It remains sterile until opened.
    • It is not made with natural rubber latex.
    How to use:
    • Squeeze the bulb of the syringe, then place it gently inside the patient's orifice.
    • When the pressure has been released completely from the bulb, remove it from the patient's orifice. You should see fluids being pulled into the bulb of the syringe.
    • Repeat the prior steps until the patient's orifice is clear of fluids.
Part NumberDescriptionColorUnits/Case
CEB02Visibulb® | Ear/Ulcer SyringeClear50