Absorbent Floor Mat Waterproof Backsheet

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality mat that effectively captures fluid, keeping operating room floors clean and dry.
  • Can be applied prior to surgery to help reduce the risk of slipping and improve turnover time.
  • Features an absorbent top layer and waterproof backsheet for optimal fluid absorption and a tight grip on the surface.
Part NumberDescriptionMat SizeUnits/Case
FM0102PAbsorbent Floor Mat | Waterproof Backsheet24" x 40"60
FM0103PAbsorbent Floor Mat | Waterproof Backsheet35" x 72"25
FM0104PAbsorbent Floor Mat | Waterproof Backsheet28" x 125"20
FMBP30Absorbent Floor Mat | Waterproof Backsheet36" x 44"30