Fluid Fighter® Suction Canisters and Liners

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive portfolio of reusable suction canisters, disposable liners, extensions, wall mounts, a trolley, and solidifier for fluid waste retention and disposal in clinical settings.
  • Adapters and custom solutions offer seamless integration and system compatibility with Cardinal Health, Medline, and Bemis.¹
  • Suction liners seat themselves in about 8 seconds, 50% faster than competing brands.
  • Small product footprint and compact packaging help conserve valuable storage space and reduce medical waste.
  • Reusable, autoclavable canisters feature an integrated one-piece design for shatter-resistance; backed by a 20-year guarantee.
  • Liners have been drop tested² and stretch up to 270% of initial dimension.
  • Liners feature an integrated hydrophobic filter with >99.85% bacterial filtration efficiency and 97.5% viral filtration efficiency to prevent backflow of fluids and bacterial/viral transfer.³
  • Solidifier is compatible with 1000 cc, 1500 cc, 2000 cc, and 3000 cc Fluid Fighter Suction Liners.
¹Compatibility verified on Cardinal Health roll stands and part number 65652-145.
 Compatibility verified on Medline part numbers DYNDSCLW, DYNDSCC, and ORBASE.
 Compatibility verified on Bemis Health Care part number 530510.
 Cardinal Health™ is a registered trademark of Cardinal Health Technologies, LLC.
 Medline™ is a registered trademark of Medline Industries, LP.
 Bemis Health Care™ is a registered trademark of Bemis Manufacturing Company.
²Typenex® Medical's Fluid Fighter® Suction Liners are drop tested according to ASTM D5276-98.
³Bacterial and viral filtration efficiency validated by Pergo Medikal.
Part NumberDescriptionSizeQuantity
PER05TD1618Solidifying Agent, Dissolvable Pouch150
SC0101Fluid Fighter Suction Liner1000 cc100
SC0102Fluid Fighter Suction Liner1500 cc100
SC0103Fluid Fighter Suction Liner2000 cc100
SC0104Fluid Fighter Suction Liner3000 cc70
SC0201Fluid Fighter Suction Canister1000 cc15
SC0202Fluid Fighter Suction Canister1500 cc15
SC0203Fluid Fighter Suction Canister2000 cc12
SC0204Fluid Fighter Suction Canister3000 cc9
SC0405CVLFluid Fighter Suction Liner | Vacuum Control, L-Valve50
SC0405CVTFluid Fighter Suction Liner | Vacuum Control, T-Valve50
SC0405ETFluid Fighter Suction Liner | Extension Tube (Female Connector)0.23 in x 5.9 ft1
SC0405LTFluid Fighter Suction System | Trolley1
SC0405RHFluid Fighter Suction System | Rail Hanger1
SC0405SCTFluid Fighter Suction System | Serial Connection Tube100
SC0405WHFluid Fighter Suction System | Wall Hanger Set1
SC0405WHAFluid Fighter Suction System | Wall Hanger Adapter1
SC0405XVTCFluid Fighter Suction Liner | Vacuum, T-Connector50