Features and Benefits

  • Every hospital creates their own method for processing admissions, and most include some sort of identification band that includes patient information, such as their:
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Medical record number
    • Hospital account number
    • Physician's name
  • Your protocols are how you keep patients safe, but they only work when they are implemented correctly. The simpler the steps, the greater your success. To that end, our AdminBand features:
    • A large information area to accommodate a pre-printed patient label
    • Durable bands designed to last throughout most hospital stays
    • Convenient snap closures
    • Plastic shields to safeguard patient information
  • Additionally, our admissions bands are compatible with our Typenex Medical R3™ reattachment system. Should you need to expand an AdminBand, simply attach an R3 Band to the AdminBand and snap close.