Fibernex® Laser Fibers Endovenous and Aesthetic Surgery

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality laser fibers compatible with standard SMA-905 fiber connections.
  • Designed with bare tips, various core diameters, and wavelengths ranging from 800-1600 nm.
  • Choose from single-use or reusable and standard thickness or thin wall fibers* to best suit the procedure.
*Thin wall fibers are 0.6 Fr smaller than standard fibers; 2.25 Fr compared to the standard 2.85 Fr.
 ⚠ Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this product to sale by or on the order of a physician.
Contraindication: The laser probes shall not be used in or on the central circulatory system and central nervous system. Refer to your laser system operator's manual for complete information regarding contraindications, precautions, and warnings when using this laser probe.
Reprocessing of laser probes used in a patient with identifiable risk of CJD, VCJK, or other human TSE is NOT allowed.
Part NumberDescriptionCore SizeReusabilityCladding ThicknessUnits/Case
NV0614Fibernex | Laser Fiber550 µmReusableThin Wall5
NV0615Fibernex | Laser Fiber550 µmReusableThin Wall5
NV0626Fibernex | Laser Fiber550 µmSingle-UseStandard5
NV0627Fibernex | Laser Fiber550 µmSingle-UseThin Wall5
NV0632Fibernex | Laser Fiber600 µmSingle-UseStandard5
NV0633Fibernex | Laser Fiber600 µmReusableStandard5
NV0634Fibernex | Laser Fiber600 µmSingle-UseThin Wall5
NV0635Fibernex | Laser Fiber600 µmReusableThin Wall5